Episode 065 - Baby Photos for your Catalogue

So it has come to pass that our listenership is stronger than we originally thought! Over 9000 downloads since we began which means we have a whole bunch of people who haven’t contacted us! Please get in touch, we want to know your name.

This week it’s the three muskateers discussing paramedic masterminds, Gumtree grifts, machetes in old McDonald’s farm and boys fighting for their grandfather’s affection.David also shares a pearl of wisdom.

Music this week is by Daramad.

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Episode 064 - Leano Casino

Where on earth is Brett?

This week we question the validity of the five cent coin, TAB, Lingerie Football and dirty tactics. We’re a pretty cynical bunch.

Boys Club is here and it is here to stay. If you had to choose one for your career, which Emergency Services would you join?

Chris comes to the realisation that there are now children being born after Kurt Cobain died. We are also the #1 podcast in Australia when searching the word ‘hate’.

This weeks tunes are by local dog NAIK.

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Episode 063 - Reigning Wild Animals

Urrbody in tha club gettin’ podcasts… we’re back again. Aandrew joins us once again for another Sunday morning discussion.

Once again no Boys Club, but there is plenty of news and stories of old for everyone to enjoy. Topics include Fake Road Rage Rampage, Creating False Beliefs, Drink up/Stand up, StillNox/HardCox, Fast Food Feats and Saddles (for Doggies).

We also mildly endorse teen weight loss through the use (and abuse) of illicit substances.

Music this week by Sunny.

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Episode 062 - Stop. It’s Schammer Time.

Ladies and gentlegents, thanks again for listening to another episode of Perth’s greatest podcast (unless you’re into gardening, in which case the ABC has a Perth-based podcast with higher ratings than us)!

This week Andrew joins us for another wonderful hour of Perth news and stories of the good ol’ days. Unfortunately there is no Boys Club this week as we hit the wall, but rest assured it isn’t going anywhere.

Stories include relationship fraud, throat slashing, hoon-boys and great inventions (such as rats with implants that let them feel infra-red light).

For in depth analyses of every Baz Luhrmann film, please call Byron Schammer (ex-AFL footballer) on 0420 909 379. For international listeners, add +61 for the area code.

Tunes this week are ‘…And Sever Us From the Present’ and ‘Deaden the Fields’ by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving.

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Episode 061 - Barbers’ Anonymous

Offense is always the greatest defense. This week we were joined by Andrew Bleep to discuss Nerf Quartets, Replica Weaponry, in depth sting operations to retrieve stolen trailers and Beer Wenches.

A special treat this week for Boys Club: we discuss the best and worst haircuts we have even been given (or in some cases, given ourselves).

Music this week by Runner.

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Episode 060 - Straight up ‘strayan!

Ladies and Gentledads, another tasty aural feast prepared for you by the wonderful young men at LPHP. Fan favourite Nay Nay joins the crew as Chris makes a fleeting comeback.

An overriding theme of manliness takes hold of this episode; what being a man means to the boys and how this correlates to being Australian.

Music this week by PerthCT.

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